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Web Site Planning Worksheet

Please print out this page/form and use it to plan your web site. 
Then, either mail the completed form to the address below or fax it to us at 713-445-9082.
We will use the worksheet to prepare an estimate based on your needs.
Should you approve our estimate, we will use this plan to begin constructing your Web Page or Site.

Note:  If you would prefer to receive a Microsoft Word version of this planning worksheet, send an e-mail to with a request for the document.

*If you have any questions while filling out the form, send an E-mail with your questions;
if you would like assistance in planning your site, call to schedule an appointment.

Kingwood / Humble Small Business Net
3606 Haven Pines Drive
Kingwood, TX  77345-1109

Client/Business Name:                           _________________________________

Your Name, if different from above:       _________________________________

Your E-mail address:                             _________________________________

Your phone number:                              _________________________________

1. Purpose of the Site

Is the web site for a ____ Business or ____ Personal?

If business, describe the business here:_______________________________________________

What is the primary result or outcome you want to achieve by having a Web site? ____________________________________________________

Who are your primary target audience(s)?____________________________________________________

How will you measure success? ____________________________________________________

2. Would you like a multi-page site? Or a site with a single contact/information page?

____ Multiple Page Site

____ Single Page (Popular with small businesses and Professional Services)

3. Layout of Pages (for sites with multiple pages)

Please list the pages in the order you would like them to appear, starting from the home page.

Please indicate the title you wish to use. (for example the title of this page is Web Site Planning, and is displayed at the top of your browser.)

1. Home Page:__________________________________________









        For additional pages, use an additional sheet of paper (or another copy of this page).

Approximate total number of pages you have decided upon _________________

4. Site Name:

______________________________ The title at the top of your page, usually a graphic
Logo, and the name that appears on listings by Web search engines.

Under which web search key words would you like the site to be listed under (for example, Web Design, Web Development, Web Hosting, Site Design, etc.)?_________________, _________________, _________________, _________________, _________________, _________________.

5. Domain Name:

If you are interested in having your own domain name, please indicate your first three
choices of domain names here and we will check to see if they are available for you.
5a. _____________________________________________________
5b. _____________________________________________________
5c. _____________________________________________________
(Having your own domain name means your Web URL (web address) will look like
Domain Name registration fee will vary depending upon the registration company utilized (fees usually range between $10 and $35 per year).

6. Top of Page Graphic:

Most sites use a top of page graphic which normally is the logo for their business.

Do you want to use your existing Logo and have us scan it to a file?___________

Do you presently not have a Logo, but would like us to design one for you?_________

Would you like a drawing or a photo at the top of the page?_____________________

7. Background Color or Texture

Please indicate whether you'd like to have a background color or a background texture



8. Basic Page Layout

Page titles at top of browsers:__________________

Top of page Graphics:________________________

Company identification at the bottom of each page? __________________________

E-mail link to the following E-mail address:____________________________________

Size of text_________________________________

Indicate any material that should be presented in table format below:

PAGE # _________________________________

9. Additional Page Design Elements

__Horizontal Rules, or ______Colored Lines compatible with color Scheme

__Colored 3d balls, ____checkmarks, or _________________other on index page

__"New" Or "Updated" logos

______May we include a link at the bottom of your pages which reads "Web Site Designed
by Kingwood / Humble Small Business Net"?

10. Graphics


___Photos which can be scanned (indicate number of photos)

___Clickable thumbnail images which link to full size pictures on their own pages

___Transparent backgrounds on Images?

11. Forms

___Guestbooks for visitors to sign in and/or leave a comment

___Order Forms

___Requests for more product information

12. Where will your web site be hosted?

____ Do you have an online service provider which allots space for your page?

____ Would you prefer we hosted your site on our server space?

____ Do you require domain name service?

____ Would you like a counter at the bottom of the home page to track visitors?

Additional Information:

On behalf of my organization, I approve the above plan which I have developed with
Kingwood / Humble Small  Business Net's Web Site Designs, and I authorize
KWHSBNet to use this worksheet as the basis for the project.

(Once we receive your worksheet, we will prepare a written estimate to design/develop and/or host your Web Site.)

SIGNATURE:________________________________Dated _________

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